Become a PADI Dive Professional: a Divemaster, Scuba Diving Instructor, and become a teacher, and a mentor in Utila and be instrumental in changing the lives of many people.

Live the life you have always dreamed of –perhaps in a visually stunning tropical place, living a healthy lifestyle and being environmentally conscious.

Share your passion for scuba diving with others and get paid to dive every day!

Check out our package deals for Go Pro Divers. We offer special discounts and free accommodation with reservations made for bundled courses!

Travel to new and exciting destinations, meet a diversity of people from around the world and feel good about waking up early every morning feeling excited and motivated to start your work day!

At Underwater Vision we offer a number of different scuba diving teaching internships in Utila which will allow you to become a qualified PADI Scuba Diving Professional Divemaster, Scuba Diving Instructor, MSDT, IDC Staff Instructor and beyond but more importantly we attempt to impress upon and share with all of our PADI professional students the additional tools they will need to be successful in their chosen career paths. After completing the internship programs our students leave Utila with a profound sense of confidence and success due to the high level of instruction, mentoring, hands on training with real job experience and the individual attention and care they receive at Underwater Vision the award-winning PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort.

Best of all, students of all levels at Underwater Vision have an incredibly fun time enjoying every moment of their dive training. Inspiring a love of diving in our students is an ultimate goal: if you are having a good time your students will be enjoying themselves too and that for us is success.