The Pinnacle

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Dive Site Description

Located about 45-50 minutes from Underwater Vision, The Pinnacle is situated toward the eastern part of Turtle Harbour on the North side of the island.

Buoys: 1

This dive site is mainly known for its deep swim-through and stunning walls.

The top of the reef is at about 15-20ft (4.5m-6m) and if you dive away from the wall you can go explore a couple of interesting shallow channels.

Directly below the buoy you will find a channel taking you down to 60ft (18m) where an overhang appears and from there the wall drops down.

As any other dive in Turtle Harbour there are impressive, deep, dramatic walls. Going slightly to the west on the wall you will find the entrance of the swim-through at 70ft (21m). Diving through the swim-through will take you down to about 140ft (42m) where it mounds out.

When diving at the Pinnacle divers should look for Spotted Eagle Rays and Turtles in the blue, but also look toward the reef where it is possible to find Lionfish, Angelfish and Groupers. Lucky divers may also see Midnight Parrotfish.

The Pinnacle provides an interesting dive site for divers with deep diver experience but owing to the diverse shallow areas, divers of any level of experience can enjoy this stunning dive site.

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